Accessories for Carbon and Alloy BigStiks

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$22 -- Carbon "T" Top with Texas Toothpick. Light weight carbon fiber 3/4" tubing handle with a Texas Toothpick joint. Plugs into the top of any BigStik, Alloy or Carbon.

$25 -- Wood Cane Top. Light weight varnished carved wood. Brown color. Plugs into the top of any BigStik.

$45 -- Brass Cane Top (NOT ultralight) Heavy Solid Brass - 12oz - good for self-defense. Plugs into the top of any BigStik.

$18 -- Shelter Pole Extender Plugs into the top of any BigStik to add 1" thru 7".

$26 -- Black "T" Top. Includes a 5 inch and 2 inch sleeve so you can add 2, 5, or 7 inches to your cane height. The top is a carbon fabric tube. Plugs into only the Alloy BigStik. (But you can plug an Alloy 14" Section into the top of any Carbon BigStik and then plug this "T" Top into that Alloy section.)

$35 -- Brass Ball Top Toothpick (NOT ultralight!). Brass ball is filled with lead shot and weighs 12 ounces, like a small hammer. Makes an effective defensive weapon. The Texas Toothpick is made with aluminum and is not sharp enough to cut... but will poke a nice hole in a coconut. Slides into the top of any BigStik with a friction fit... no threads or connectors. The Toothpick end has a slot that enables you to break off the point if you accidentally take it on a flying trip.
$36 - SelfieStik Smartphone Bracket with bluetooth remote. Make your BigStik into a professional quality selfie stick. Add more Carbon Sections to make a professional photo stick 16 feet or longer for mountain side photos, pipe inspections, roof inspections and more. Will plug into any BigStik ever made. Free Shipping.

$20 -- Crutch Top / Shelter Pole Base / Selfie-Stik Angle Bracket. Aluminum tube with pipe foam. Plugs into the top of any BigStik. Flying??... make your BigStik into a crutch and have no problems walking with it onto the plane. Or flip the BigStik upside down and use the Crutch Top as the base plate at the bottom for a shelter pole inside your tent. Or plug the SelfieStik Bracket into it to mount the camera at a 90 degree angle.

$15 -- Rubber Tip Set. Two rubber tips. One is heavy duty with a steel washer at the bottom. The other is light and small. Good for sidewalks and airports.
$15 -- 4 inch tip with snow basket. Hollow aluminum tip slides onto any carbon section and locks the snow basket in place. Weighs 0.8 ounces.
$10 -- Camera Screw Mount
Rubber cap with 1/4-20 bolt for small cameras and other devices. Bolt is easily pushed down so it does not hit your palm.
$18 -- Professional Camera Mount - Has a 1/4-20 bolt with a 3/8-16 screw-on adapter to fit all cameras. Plugs into the top of any BigStik.
$20 -- Shooters/Telephoto Rest. V rest for the gun stock. Includes the rubber top cap with screw. Also works great to support a big telephoto camera lense.

$79.95 -- 38" Cane with Mouse Top and Cork Tip
The top is genuine mahogany that we hand shape like a computer mouse and the tip is plugged with a real wine cork. You won't look like an old fogey with this cane! It uses one 15" and one 11" Carbon Section. Packs down to 18" long. The height is 38 inches and you can cut the aluminum tip to make a cane as short as 32 inches. Or we can do that for you. Weighs 8.4 ounces (238gm)

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