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It will be about 2 weeks before we will have PillBottle Stoves to ship, so we have removed the ordering buttons, but you can read all the technical info below. We may have some inventory left on Etsy. We have been swamped with orders for the PillBottle Stove after Steven at MyLifeOutdoors.com posted his great youtube video. Last year we were selling 5-10 per week. We received over 550 orders in the 5 days after his video went viral with over half a million views. We have ordered more raw materials, hired a few assemblers, and are making them as fast as we can in our shop south of Houston, Texas.

You can read about neoTrekk products below.

New for 2023 -- Koozy Kitchen Kit

$95 - Koozy Kitchen Kit - FREE USA Shipping. Whether you are backpacking on local trails or doing the PCT, you need an ULTRALIGHT and RELIABLE and SIMPLE camping kitchen. That is the Koozy Kitchen Kit. Optimized for wet or dry bagged foods like freeze-dried, MREs, Compleats, or home-made.

* compact, rugged, weighs 1 pound, and only 1.5lb with 5 days of fuel.
* includes the Two-Burner Multi-Fuel PillBottle Stove with 4 alcohol absorbent firebrick Tablets.
* lowest fuel consumption: 8oz alcohol for 2 people for 5 days for 2 hot meals + 2 hot coffee per day.
* two 18oz stainless steel pots with long folding handles that stay cool.
* You can heat both pots at the same time with a pair of Tablets under each.
* Insulated plastic quart jar with screw top lid.
* includes a fuel bottle, long spork, matchbook, and windscreen with ground pin.
* the heat soak process transfers maximum BTUs into the food bag, none into steam.
* you donít have to sit and watch over the food while itís being heated.
* produces a hot meal using less of your time and less fuel than any other kit.
* wet entrees like a Hormel Compleats tray will fit into the jar.
* no water gets dumped and no pots or cups to wash.
* no chance of contaminating your food.
* you can do other things while your food is heating up, no babysitting the stove.
* if chores pop up, your food will stay hot for 30 minutes or more in the koozy jar.
* you end up with 12oz of purified water to make cocoa, etc, if you cooked an MRE or wet food bag or tray.
Meal Prep Technique using the Koozy Kitchen Kit: 1) Put your food bag, MRE, or Compleats tray, or bag of freeze-dried into the quart koozy jar. 2) Next, fill the SS cup about 3/4 full of water. 3) Sit the SS cup on two stacked PillBottle Stove Tablets and light with a sparker or match. ...use the big windscreen if necessary. ...5-6 minutes later when the water starts making bubbles, pour it into your freezedried food bag or ...into the koozy jar to heat up an MRE or other sealed food bags or cans or trays. ...blow out the flames... then screw the lid on the koozy jar to keep the heat in. ...about 30 seconds later the Tablets are cool to pick up and put back into the pill bottle. ...pour some fuel into the pill bottle to recharge the half empty Tablets.

Now you can get a few chores done - Put up your tent, take pictures, etc, while the hot water totally heat soaks your food (~10 minutes).
* When youíre ready to eat, unscrew the lid, cut open your food bag and use the included wood spork to eat right out of the bag inside the jar while the koozy keeps your hand comfortable and the food hot.
* Last, use the boiled/purified water left inside the jar to make cocoa/etc, or let it cool and drink it later.

The PillBottle Two-Burner Multi-Fuel Stove

...drop your pack, in 6-7 minutes you have 24oz hot water.

1) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot
2) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot Faster
3) PillBottle Stove Video - Monster Flames
4) PillBottle Stove Video - No More Fire
5) PillBottle Stove Video - Hands On Cooking
6) Canister Stove Video - Forest Flame Thrower
7) PillBottle Stove Video - Roast Marshmallows
8) PillBottle Stove Video - Light My Fire
9) PillBottle Stove Video - Tea Time
10) PillBottle Stove Video - 12 oz 5 Minute Boil

We have run out of raw materials to make PillBottle Stoves so we have removed our Add To Cart buttons for the near future. Below is the technical info you might want to read. We may have some inventory left on Etsy.

Add the PillBottle Stove to your gearset, and you will have more fun camping. You recharge your phone, you recharge your battery bank, why not get a stove you can recharge? The first new-generation backpacking stove... inside the click-top pill bottle are four high temperature mineral Tablets that soak up fuel and can be recharged hundreds of times. Includes a titanium windscreen and two fiberglass patches that block fuel from seeping into the ground.

No prep, no assembly... you have the hot water for four servings of freeze dried meals 6 minutes after you pull it out of your pack. Cooks two pots at the same time. Efficient: eight ounces of denatured alcohol will cook for 2 people for 5 days of 2 hot meals + 2 hot coffee. The PillBottle Stove has no failure modes or maintenance needed. Multi-fuel: you can use laquer thinner, turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, Right Guard Sport, hand sanitzer, acetone, and more. Can't spill or leak- legal in carryon luggage.

When your crew will be cooking big fancy meals, you need your powerful canister stoves. But also pack a PillBottle Stove (only 4 oz) so the camper who wants a cup of special tea can make her own in five minutes, or the guy with allergies can be eating his favorite freeze dried entree 14 minutes after unzipping his pack.

The PillBottle Two-Burner Stove has no valves, no seams to leak, no smells, no soot, no spills, can't corrode or crush. And FAST - take it out of your pack and be cooking 30 seconds later. Tablets in the PillBottle stashed in your closet will stay saturated for years.

The PillBottle Stove Tablets soak up the fuel and produce no soot when you stack 2 Tablets infused with denatured alcohol, which is the optimum fuel for price/performance. If you have a BIG pot you can use two stacks of 2 Tablets for stability and fast cooking. If you need to use 99% isopropyl, you can put two Tablets flat beside each other to reduce the soot. You can mix different alcohols together. You can use Right Guard Sport to soak the Tablets. It burns with no soot. If you are lucky enough to live where you can buy 190 proof ethanol liquor (EverClear), it never makes soot in any stove. (...and also can be mixed with other beverages!). In a pinch, you can use laquer thinner, turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, etc. All of these heat fast but leave soot on your pot. (Hint: The easy way to remove soot and heat stains is scrubbing with 'Fast Orange Hand Cleaner with Pumice'.)

A canister stove is faster - under a one quart pot (total weight 20oz) you get 24oz of 200 degree water in 3 minutes. But that stove+pot weighs 1/2 pound more in your pack. So, what's more important to you... 2 minutes or 8 ounces?

Done cooking? Take the pot off and you can blow out the Tablets or drop a cup upside down over them. Cool enough to pick up in 30 seconds. Put the Tablets back into the pill bottle. If you need to do more cooking, fill the pill bottle with fuel to recharge the Tablets. It takes only 10 minutes for the Tablets to soak up the added fuel and be ready to cook again. Each Tablet can store about 10 grams of fuel.

You gotta get that tent up?...but want a cup of hot cocoa? Clear off a spot on the ground, set one Tablet with the windscreen around it and set your small mug on top. No need to watch over it. 10-12 minutes later... the tent is up, the fire is out, and you have your hot cocoa. Or, after dinner, light all four Tablets spread out on a big rock, everyone grab a stick, and roast marshmallows for dessert!

Gear reliability in the wild is important. The stove in your backpack could be one of the popular canister stoves that have: folding arms that can break, a rubber gasket that can leak fuel, a valve that won't close tight, a breakable plastic folding stand. And that high pressure fuel canister has a schrader valve that can leak out all the fuel. Love your Esbit Stove? The PillBottle Stove: 1) takes less volume in your pack, 2) weighs less, 3) cooks faster, 4) never stinks, and 5) boil-overs will not extinguish the flames.

The soda-can alcohol stove is very popular. After a while new users will learn: 1) to guess how much alcohol to pour in and only spill a little, 2) to check that no seams are leaking, 3) the tricks to get it lit, 4) to wait several minutes until the blue flames shoot out the tiny holes, then 5) set the pot (at least 5" diameter!) on top. (The PillBottle Stove can use a beer can for a pot with no soot.) Now, you have to watch it constantly and be ready to lift up the pot if water might boil over and down into the stove and put out the fire. When done, you must wait for the stove and remaining fuel to cool down. Then, remember to pour the (diluted?) alcohol back into your fuel bottle (unless the stove tipped over and spilled and started a forest fire.

The PillBottle Stove Tablets are durable. We dropped two Tablets into a wood bucket 100 times and that produced a 1/10 gram of flakes from the corners. Breaking?...if you have strong hands you can break a tablet in half, but the two halves still cook just as good. Freezing temps? Warm them in your pocket for a few minutes and they will light and burn just as hot. High altitude? No problem, but less oxygen means cooking will take a little longer.

"My Big Stick has been a constant companion and joy on the hiking trails of SW Ohio and Michigan. This year we received a lot of light snow/warm/cold days, so all the trails are iced over and difficult to walk without assistance. Thank you for making such a superb item." - E. Willis - 2/15/2022 - purchased 2/15/2017.

-The key job of a hiking pole is: PREVENT FALLS!
-The BigStik TwinWall does that job better than any other hiking tool.

• lifetime breakage warranty - we send you a new Section.
  • feels good in your hand, builds trust in your brain.
    • surface spiral pattern for a secure grip anywhere.
      • joints have zero wiggle and impossible to collapse.
        •10,000+ mile Monster Carbide tip sticks everywhere.
          • a short packed-up length of 18 inches.
            • instant height changes with Prussik Hand Strap.
              • long list of options & accessories.
                • US Patent: 8,136,542 and Made In USA.
                  • Never feels hot in sunshine or cold in winter.
                    • BigStiks have been on the trail since 2008.

$279.95 - TwinWall 56" BigStik™ - A packable hiking staff with four Sections (add more below...) that won't break - even if you smack a coconut open, or whack a bear between the ears, or do chin-ups, or compete in a Bo Staff battle. Nothing comes close to its strength and durability.

The Monster Carbide tip might show a little wear after 10,000 miles but will still stick like new on all trail surfaces. Four spiral edges dig in anywhere... granite, sandstone, wood, concrete, ice, even metal beams. You stab a snake with this tip and that snake is no longer a threat.

The TwinWall BigStik is unique because it laminates carbon tubing over aluminum tubing. Carbon fiber tubing is known for its superior stiffness and light weight, but can get crushed if jammed sideways. Aluminum tubing is known for its crush resistance, but is not as stiff and can ping and vibrates. We marry the two by bonding Easton aluminum tubing inside the directionally layered carbon tube, so you get a structural combination that is ideal for a hiking staff. The TwinWall BigStik will last a lifetime. The patented overlapping joints deliver strength and rigidity that exceeds the tubing. All other types of hiking pole joints will wiggle, collapse, unscrew, slip, or jam. The BigStik floats with no water leaking thru the joints. There are no gritty/wobbly threaded or telescoping joints, no bungee cords, no moving parts. Super stiff - in a deflection test, the TwinWall BigStik is stiffer than steel pipe electrical conduit, or fat bamboo, or any wood staff.

You will love the hand feel and secure grip of the carbon outer tube (7/8" / 22mm). The tight spiral surface pattern delivers high grip for both your hand and the cord of the Slide/Lock Handstrap that uses a Prussik knot for instant grip. The outer carbon tube never feels hot in the sun or cold in winter. Silent when hiking on hard rocks... no ringing or pinging like aluminum hiking poles.

You receive three 14" long Upper Sections and one 14" long Monster Carbide Tip Section. The Texas Toothpick is not included. Total weight of the four Sections is 15oz. Also includes a rubber top cap and the patented Slide/Lock Handstrap for instant height adjustment. You can flip your BigStik upside down to use the rubber tip on pavement. Packs down in 5 seconds to 18" long.

Free Shipping to 50 States and Canada.
>>>The Monster Carbide Tip has no match in the world of hiking poles. It will never wear out, even if you hike a thousand miles a year for the rest of your life and hand it down to your grandson and he does the same. The bottom TwinWall Section has a milling machine bit that is hunk of solid carbide 3/8" diameter, 2.5" long with 4 spiral flutes. We epoxy the bit inside the TwinWall tube with a crosstube to prevent sliding in. The carbide sticks out an inch and cuts into soft or hard rocks. You will love it when you discover how the TwinWall BigStik with the two ounce carbide tip delivers inertia as you swing it with each step. It lands where you aimed, it does not get deflected by a weed or a little muscle twitch.

>>>The patented Slide/Lock Handstrap enables you to make your BigStik any hand-to-ground length you need in one second by using your thumb to slide the prussik knot up or down as you swing your arm forward. It is not a wrist strap, it's a HAND strap that you can instantly let go if necessary. On the top, there is a rubber cane tip so you can flip the BigStik upside down to use the rubber cap on pavement and inside buildings. The BigStik is hollow when you take off the Tip Section... you can divert water from sources you can't reach with your arms. You will feel totally secure leaning all your weight on just one BigStik going down the steepest hills. Your other hand is free for taking pictures, balancing, gripping rocks and trees, and swatting mosquitoes.

'OneKG' Ultralight Backpack and Camp Chair
Carry 66 liters AND any Bear Canister

Adjustable Easton Aluminum frame fits anyone,
pack lifts off the customizable Hook Belt.

Instant access to your food in any bear canister.

Full width rain-proof velcro openings.
Fast access to any piece of gear.

Slide-out seat pad makes a highback camp chair.

Belt fits waists from 25 to 50 inches.

StackPack 'OneKG' 66 liter
Modular Backpack and Camp Chair

$489 - StackPack 'OneKG' (2.2lbs) 66 liter Modular Ultralight Backpack - Includes three 22 liter Barrel Bags. The Hook Belt with adjustable pads fits waists from 25" to 50". The telescoping Easton Aluminum external frame adjusts to any height for a perfect fit on any hiker. Unlike internal frame packs that must be made in a range of sizes, the Stackpack is like your car seat... it fits everyone. Cars are not offered with different driver seats... one seat design fits all drivers.
Yes, this pack is 35 ounces. The 66 liter capacity is all inside the waterproof Barrel Bags. If you need to carry HUGE quantities of gear, you can add the Big Load options listed below to carry 4 or 5 Barrel Bags - 100 liters. The frame top section is a slider that telescopes up and down to fit any torso length, guy or gal, from kid to basketball player. You can set the width and height of the shoulder straps to your preference. You can adjust the shoulder straps and Hook Belt to share the weight as you prefer between your shoulders and waist. Use the PCT Front Pack (fast access to water and snacks) for even more gear capacity and to optimize your center of gravity.

Free USA shipping. Made in Texas. Scroll down for international shipping buttons.

(22nd Anniversary Special: We include $95 worth of accessories; PCT FrontPack, Campchair SitPad, pair of Moveable Hip Pads, and Frame Backstraps. (see details below). All are easily removed and re-attached to fit your preferences. Weight is 2lb 10oz with all the accessories.

You can use your pack and canister on our Frame.

...your pack and canister on our Frame.

NEW: Our patented Pak-Flat frame can be taken apart and packed down flat for flying or biking. The entire pack... frame, belt, bags will fit into a 16" pizza box. The frame uses no screws or bolts... precision machined joints fit with no wiggle and do not work loose while hiking. The frame with shoulder straps weighs only 16 ounces and can be used without the Hook Belt for light loads. We make the StackPack in Lake Jackson, Texas. The aluminum frame is cut, machined, and assembled in our shop from Easton tubing. The vertical frame tubes may be gold or black. The Barrel Bags are cut and sewn in our sewing room using American made laminated racing sailboat fabrics that do not fray or seep water.

The Hook Belt will fit a 25 to 50 inch waist. The three pads can be positioned to best fit your body. The aluminum frame has a shelf at the bottom that supports all the gear weight and transfers all that weight directly to the Hook Belt which distributes it to your lumbar curve and iliac crest. There are no highly stressed fabic seams like internal frame packs.

The fabric is shiny black triple-layer racing sail fabric that does not get hot in the sun... and dirt does not stick to the shiny surface. You don't need to carry a raincover because the StackPack is totally waterproof and absorbs no rainwater (where most packs gain 1-2 lbs when the fabric gets rain soaked.)

The three Barrel Bags will hold 66 liters of gear... plenty of room for a hiker carrying a deluxe set of ultralight gear. Or, on a short trip where 40 liters is plenty, use just two Barrel Bags. You might ask why we use round bags, not rectangular... that is because any fabric bag stuffed tight will end up round. And all pack bags should be stuffed full to keep the load stable and quiet. With three Bags, every piece of your gear is easy to reach in a few seconds via the full width velcro openings. No zippers to jam or rip open or leak. If you need even more room you can add the optional BigLoad Tube and carry four or five Barrel Bags.

The standard endcap fabric on the Barrel Bags is a semi-transparent racing sailboat fabric with a grid of carbon and kevlar fibers. Barrel Bag seams are waterproofed... you can lay the frame down on the water and float it across a steam and nothing inside will get wet. You can add the Front Pack and other accessories listed below to best fit your style and mission. The pack with the included accessoriess weighs 2lb 10 ounces.

The StackPack does not squeeze your back like an internal frame pack... it floats an inch or two away from your spine. You can wear a down parka and it will not get compressed. The Mesh Back Panels allow you to tighten up the shoulder straps and keep the pack tight against your back if you are running/jumping a trail section. The SitPad shown in the photos creates an instant high back trail chair and protects the bottom Barrel Bag if you set your pack down in thorns or knarly rocks. The SitPad may be black or white.
Lifetime Warranty, 30 Day Free Trial, and Free USA Shipping (scroll down for international shipping). If the StackPack does not work for you, just send it back for a full refund.

Hello Bruce,
"We bought two 'scratch and dent' Luxurylite packs from you years ago....
-- Debbie Kramer -2018
P.S. It's still the most comfortable pack either of us have worn. And since I herniated L5-S1 a few years ago, the ONLY pack I will wear. I'm so grateful that it exists :)"

If you want to shop the dozens of options to customize your StackPack, please scroll down for more info. If you want to really enjoy your next adventure, click the above 'Add to Cart' button now and place your order right now.)

>>>Download the StackPack User Guide (1.5 meg MSWord file)

$25 - Campchair SitPad & Shelf - The SitPad & Shelf is attached to the frame shelf and folds out to make the StackPack into a cushioned high back lounge chair. You can set the pack frame to any lean angle from straight up... or way back to take a nap. When hiking the SitPad wraps over the bottom Barrel Bag to stop wear and tear when you set the pack down on rocks or thorns or sharp junk in the truck. You can also attach a second Sitpad as a Shelf that sits on top of a bear canister so the Barrel Bag will not get worn against the sharp edges of the bear can. Or you can add a Shelf at the top of the frame to make it fast and easy to attach/detach your foam pad. Color is white or black.
When you hike with the StackPack there is no more:
• adjusting dozens of straps,
• fixing jammed zippers, (none)
• packing stuff sacks,
• sweaty back in summer, (full ventilation)
• cold back in winter, (no compression of jacket down)
• unpacking everything to find one thing on the bottom
• stopping to put on the rain cover, (rainproof)
• fighting the bear canister, (totally visible)
• clicking/unclicking a sternum strap, (none)
• pack tipping over into the mud, (stands on its own)
• walking hunched over to balance your load,
• picking thorns out of your waist belt,
• wiping mud off your waist belt,
• carrying a little rucksack for side trips,
• re-organizing all your stuff inside your tent,
• leaving your pack on at the rest stop.

"Muchas Gracias mi amigo," Denis (Red Leader) Hazlewood...

"I have been proudly carrying my LuxuryLite backpack since 2003, when Bruce put one together for me at his booth at the ADZPCTKO (Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off), at Lake Morena, CA."

"During these fifteen years I estimate I've carried the LuxuryLite on more than fifty five backpack trips, and, several dozen dayhikes. My LuxuryLite has been to the Grand Canyon, the Lost Coast, five National Parks, eight State Parks, and at least a dozen Wilderness Areas."

"In all those years, on solo hikes, and leading trips for our backpacking group, Carrying A Good Thing Too Far, I've only carried one other pack one time, when I loaned my LuxuryLite to a woman who had never carried a backpack before. I wanted to be sure she'd have pleasant memories of her first backpacking experience. (and she bought one right after)"

"All these years on the trail, I've been asked about my unique ["I've never seen a backpack like that before, tell me about it."] LuxuryLite, by uncounted numbers of hikers, and know that I've sold that pack to at least seven hikers, just because I couldn't shut up about how much I LOVE THIS BACKPACK. I've backpacked since 1967, and carried about twenty different backpacks; believe me: This is THE ONE."

"I use the *original* hook-belt model, and have carried as much as fifty five pounds, with no pain, or problems. Also, the LuxuryLite carries one small cylinder, for a day hike, with no problems at all. Most backpacks don't work well without, at least, some kind of load. Not so with the LuxuryLite; a little or a lot, it does the job with style, and in comfort."

"And then there's the personal service you get from Bruce. Got a problem? Call Bruce and get it straightened out, right now. This guy is amazing, and a hoot to *brag and lie* with; after all, he IS from Texas."

$85 - Stackpack BigLoad Package. You get the Frame Riser Shelf that pushes the weight up higher so it feels like the balance of a typical internal frame pack. Weight is 8oz for the BigLoad Shelf and 2oz for the BigLoad Tube. If you need to carry more gear volume and/or weight, these two Frame Upgrades are a good choice. Carry bulky items like a chainsaw or firewood. Comes with two 3" and two 6" spacer tubes so you can set a shelf spacing of 3, 6, or 9". Add the BigLoad Tube on the Frame Slider to set the shoulder strap height independent of the number of Barrel Bags you are stacking on the top Shelf. The BigLoad Tube is also good if you want to put weight onto the shoulder straps, not just the waist belt... for a feel like traditional internal frame packs. Note: The BigLoad Tube can be used with the WildWheels, but the Frame Riser Shelf cannot be used with the WildWheels.

$35 - PCT Front Pack - It's a Hydration Pack / Rucksack / Food Bag / Camera Bag / Map Case. This unique Front Pack makes your total load feel 10 lbs lighter because the Front Pack hangs out in front counterbalancing the weight inside the backpack. Proven on many PCT and AT thruhikes. You can snug up the straps to keep it tight against your chest when you going up or down steep/rough trails. The clear pocket on top holds your maps, permits, and you can operate your touch screen phone through the plastic cover. The bottom of the Front Pack has a beaver tail strap that slips behind the pack's waist belt, carrying most of the weight. Each top strap is looped over the top posts on the StackPack frame. Three compartments... in the middle compartment you put snacks, camera, GPS, etc; and the large compartment will hold four 1 liter water bottles.. a whole gallon. A DayPack too... the straps can be buckled on to the bottom to make a little BACKpack for side trips or water refills. Made in China. 600 cuin capacity, weighs 9 oz, 12" x 18" flat with 9x12 clear vinyl window.

"I recently received a luxurylite back pack for fathers day from my kids. They knew I was going to Philmont... and knew that I was getting tired of my old heavy back pack... I love the backpack and it did exceptionally well during our 80 miles at Philmont.
On one occasion, our crew opted to hike down to Cyphers mine with our lunches and eat there. So instead of someone empting their pack, I had already detached my top bag(smellables) and my bottom bag was empty from setting our tents up. So I took the middle bag off, reattached the bottom bag and filled it with all our lunches and I carried it to Cyphers mine. I barely knew it was on my back.
The only thing that would come close to being a problem while on my trek would be occasionally the frame would pop out of the hook. But, I learned that as soon as I put the pack on I immediately adjusted it from side to side to insure myself that it was completely in the hook.
I love the concept of the three external bags. I could separate my equipment and know exactly where each item I was looking for was located. Thank you so much for this exceptional product. I am sure the "wear and tear" is not any different than any other product. I do a lot of backpacking and the Philmont trek was my first to try this pack out. I can't wait to hit the Buffalo River with my new toy." --Scott

$35 - StackPack Airport Wheels - Turns your StackPack into a wheelie bag for airport travel. Plugs into the bottom of the frame in 5 seconds. Then slide the shoulder straps to max length and pull the frame top tube to its full 36 inch height and roll your new luggage on any hard surface, inside or outside. The Airport Wheels split into two pieces that fit inside a Coro-Case or Barrel bag when not in use. The StackPack frame will sit on the Hook Belt with the Airport Wheels still mounted. Weighs 4 ounces. You can use our optional 14" wide Barrel Bags or the CoroCase for a totally legal carryon size for the overhead bin.
$29 - StackPack Umbrella - Hike in the shade all the time! Plugs into the top tube extensions on either side of the StackPack frame. Weighs 7oz. Packs down to 7" long, 2" diameter, so it stores easily in any Barrel Bag or inside the Front Pack. The opened diameter is 36". You can slide your hand up and collapse the umbrella instantly for tight trail sections. The aluminum shaft telescopes so you can set how close it is above your head. Also use it while sitting in the StackPack Lounge Chair to keep the sun off you or to see your phone screen. Or stop the acorns from smacking onto your head.

............s StackPack WildWheels

$125 - StackPack WildWheels - Plugs into the StackPack frame. Can be stored against the frame behind the Barrel Bags when you want to scramble or climb. For short rough spots, leave the WildWheels attached and hoist the pack onto the Hook Belt and hike with the wheels hanging below the pack. They will not hit your legs as you walk. Free USA Shipping. Converts your StackPack into an ultralight Hiking Trailer that will roll over 90% of wilderness trails. The WildWheels connectors slide up into the bottom of the StackPack Frame and are held to the frame with the Shoulder Strap clips. No bolts, or screws, or hinges. It takes only 10 seconds to attach or detach. If you have a pack that weighs 40lbs the wheels will carry about 30lbs leaving only 10lbs on the Hook Belt. Very stable with a 19" width that rolls down narrow trails. Delivers a smooth ride over rocks, gullies, roots, gravel, smoothly rolls up or down building stairways. If the trail gets too knarly or too vertical just lift the StackPack and set it onto the Hook Belt with the WildWheels hanging down. Walk until the next rolling section, then lift off the pack, extend the shoulder straps to full length and drop the top bar into the Hook to roll on down the trail. Heading into a long stretch of climbing/scrambling/snow.... you can pull the wheels out and stow them up high behind the Barrel Bags. They will even roll great in that position like wheeled airport luggage.

The wheels have sealed ball bearings so you can roll through mud, under water, and along a sandy beach with no problems. The solid tires (no flats) will last thousands of miles. And the wheels are easy to replace... held on with a nylock stainless steel nut. Constructed of anodized aluminum tubing with epoxy bonded joints. Never rusts or corrodes. You can strap heavy gear like ammo boxes to the WildWheels frame... or give the kid a ride! Weight is 2lbs.... the StackPack with WildWheels weighs 4.2lbs, less than almost all other wilderness backpacks.

$105 - Telescoping Pak-Flat Frame with Shoulder Straps. Build your own custom pack for metro travel or wild adventures. This telescoping aluminum frame fits any torso length, child to adult, guy or gal, no compromise on comfort. Mount any bag or container you want to use. The maximum height of 36 inches gives you the room for any pack bag you might want to mount to the frame. The frame with shoulder straps weighs only 16 ounces. It can be taken apart to pack flat to fit in a 16" pizza box or a stuff sack like in the picture.
Technical Information Sheets

Ultralight but very tough and durable for weekend trails or border-to-border thru-hikes. Includes the telescoping aluminum Frame that is hand made in our shop in Texas from USA made tubing. The Frame and padded shoulder straps will fit any torso length, child to adult, guy or gal, no compromise on comfort. No sternum strap needed because you can slide the shoulder straps along the top bar. The shoulder strap attachment point can be moved up or down while you are walking to shift weight from waist to shoulders. Bad back?... you cut set the frame and shoulder straps to put all the weight on the Hook Belt and none on your shoulders. The Hook Belt fits waists from 24 to 40 inches (optional large size below).

'Even Flow' Olsen, April 2017 -- "Just ordered a barrel bag for my old original luxurylite external backpack. (2005) Mine was red and you put my trail name on it. Its a great piece of equipment. I have used other backpacks, but always come back to yours. It is the Goldilocks of backpacks - right between the old externals and internals. I carry between 28 and 31 lbs for a week of hiking. Iíll be doing a section of the AT late April to late May. Your backpack always creates interest when Iím with other hikers. When I show them all the features they are impressed. It has held up well. I did sew a waterproof patch over one hole - easy to do, no leaks. The internal backpackers are jealous because I can get into my stuff easier then they can. They all love that it can be use as a chair."

The 66liter StackPack with no accessories weighs 1kg (2lb 3oz), with all the accessory pads it weighs 2lb 12oz. 40-50% less than other packs.

• The NorthFace Terra50 weighs 4lbs, the Osprey Atmos is 4lbs.
• The Kelty Yukon weighs 5lbs, the ULA Airex is 2lb 7oz.
• A 100 Liter StackPack (four 20x10 Bags) weighs 2lb 12oz.
• The Gregory Denali 100 is 6lb 4oz.

• You can sit a little kid on the frame shelf and carry him, or a big chainsaw.
• For little side trips, use the frame with one Barrel Bag and no Hook Belt, like a rucksack.
• The telescoping aluminum frame fits any torso from 5ft to 7 ft... no pins or clamps.
• No shoulder pressure, no spine compression when you set the shoulder straps loose.
• The Hook Belt can be set for a 24-44 inch waistline (optional belt for 35-55in)
• Gear packed with the weight not centered?... rotate the Hook Belt to compensate.
• Carry any heavy item or bear canister on the frame's bottom shelf.
• Frame telescopes down to 22 inches, legal for airline carryons.
• Frame is very strong, tested to hold 200lbs.

• Lifetime Warranty; 30 Day Free Trial.

On a budget?...You can carry more weight in comfort with your favorite old pack by mounting it on the StackPack frame with the Hook Belt.

Touch here to read this entire Review: "I can not recommend this pack enough. As a Scoutmaster for ten years I had an opportunity to try and to see all sorts of external and internal frame packs. This is the best, hands down, in every category. Why do I love this pack Ė Comfortable. No other pack is nearly as comfortable as this. I loaned the pack to my sonís girlfriend for her first backpacking trip ever Ė they came back engaged!! At Philmont... " Tom L. September 2014
The StackPack is the lightest 50+ liter 50lb capacity backpack you can buy. Why? Most people think cloth is lighter than aluminum. Not true. To deliver the same amount of structural support, a fabric/foam structure will weigh about four times an aluminum tube frame. And aluminum tubing is lighter than titanium and totally strong enough for a backpack. The breakthrough Hook Belt™ and individual waterproof fabric Barrel Bags makes backpacking much more fun. Your gear stays organized and accessible inside the individual Barrel Bags. You can keep all dirty/wet gear isolated from food, cameras, clean clothes. Adjust the waist belt once to the perfect fit and leave it that way all day long because you can slip the frame off and on the Hook just like a beltless rucksack. Your torso length does not matter because telescoping frame adjusts from 20 to 32 inches. You can seup the shoulder straps so there is no compression weight on your spinal column. The StackPack is very comfortable because it is COOL... no insulated pads making your back sweaty and irritated..
"Four or five years ago I got a LuxuryLite pack from you and it has extended my outdoor career far longer than my aging back deserves." Frank Z. 3/2010
All the weight of your gear inside the Barrel Bags rests on the shelf at the bottom of the frame. And, you can set any food canister on that shelf with the Barrel Bags stacked on top. The velcro loops that hold the Barrel Bags to the vertical frame tubes are not weight bearing so we can use ultralight fabric without tearing. The Hook Belt supports all the weight while the shoulder straps keep the pack stable, but loose, comfortable, and cool. The Hook Belt means you can set your pack down anytime, anywhere without the waist belt dragging in the dirt, mud, and poison ivy - and it stands upright and rainproof.

The Barrel Bags can be removed in a few seconds to use inside your shelter like duffle bags. Barrel Bags are made from fabric that is light, tough, and waterproof. You can float this pack across a lake and nothing gets wet. Each Barrel Bag has a full-width Velcro closure (no zippers to jam and leak) that makes access to all gear fast and easy. The frame's vertical side rails extend one inch above the horizontal top tube so you can hang the Front Pack, hiking poles, dog leashes, etc.

You can slide the shoulder straps right or left along the frame top tube (even while walking) to perfectly fit your shoulders. The waist belt can be set easily from 24 to 44 inches with a moveable Velcro strap. There is no click-to-open belt buckle; you can change the snugness of the belt by fractions of an inch for optimum comfort. Our Barrel Bags will hold a lot more gear than a typical internal frame pack rated at the same cubic inches. Because there are no wasted corners and no double-counted external pockets.

On the trail since 2005, the StackPack works for overnight trips, national park treks, border-to-border thru-hikes, and any adventure in-between. Yes, it's totally unlike your current pack, like a drone is different from an old RC model airplane.

But you will quickly get used to a pack that you can put on and off in seconds and leaves your torso free to walk and balance naturally. You can configure the StackPack to put no pressure on your shoulders or spine. All the weight can be directed down the aluminum vertical tubes straight to the hip belt and lumbar pad.

The optional Front Pack puts weight out front to correct your center of gravity and make water/maps/GPS/phone instantly handy.

Tap here to read this entire Review: "I cannot recommend this pack enough. As a Scoutmaster for ten years I had an opportunity to try and to see all sorts of external and internal frame packs. This is the best, hands down, in every category. Why do I love this pack Ė Comfortable. No other pack is nearly as comfortable as this. I loaned the pack to my sonís girlfriend for her first backpacking trip ever Ė they came back engaged!! At Philmont... " Tom L. September 2014

You won't miss all those tiny pockets on your current pack because with the Hook Belt it takes only 3 seconds to have the pack standing upright on the ground or on a stump. And the pack is on your back again in 5 seconds. And you never had to unclick or adjust the shoulder straps or waist belt. AND you can use to Front Pack to access all your items while walking along.

The Barrel Bags eliminate Hassle #1 while hiking... and that is finding that thing you need fast! You have multiple Barrel Bags with long velcro openings that let you reach to anywhere inside fast so every piece of gear is just seconds away. Nothing gets buried two feet down at the bottom of your pack. Nothing falls out of little pockets you forgot to zip, nothing gets wet from leaky zippers.

The Barrel Bags give you flexible capacity For little trips you can use just one or two Barrel Bags. Gear junkie? Need even more room?... stack four or five Barrel Bags for over 100 liters. Or add the new Wilderness Wheels to make an ultralight wilderness trailer.

Tune the frame to your body. If you adjust the shoulder straps a little loose there is no weight compressing your spine. If you lower the frame slider and tighten the shoulder straps you can share the load between shoulders and hips. The external frame enables hiking with the coolest and warmest pack design.... in the summer no hot sweaty pads press on your back. The pack pumps cooling air as it moves fore and aft a little with each step. In the winter, you put the Hook Belt on first, then your parka. Your jacket's insulation stays fully lofted. You just lift the jacket tail before dropping the frame onto the Hook.

Captain Caveman... "Another thing I love about your pack is its' all-around versatility. I love having one pack system I take on every trip, whether I am going ultralight for a few nights, or backcountry fishing for weeks at a time. When I go on canoe trips with my little pack canoe, or when I go on long fishing trips where I wade a lot, I add a big dry bag to the system. I love how my big dry bag (seal line pro pack 115L) is easily attached to the pack frame. I keep most of my gear in the original cylinders, like stuff sacks, to keep my gear compartmentalized in the "black hole". It does add a few pounds of course, but its worth it sometimes. I have actually floated my pack with the original gear cylinders on water crossings, and was amazed that it kept all my gear dry! But, with the dry bag, my pack actually becomes a life raft. I can lay on it, and paddle right across a pond! I also usually add a go-lite Ion pack as an additional gear cylinder; I keep my essential items in there, and can quickly grab it for short trips away from camp to fish, or gather, or explore, or whatever... Another way I 'customized' the best pack in the world was to add compression/gear attachment straps to the outside. I loop a daisy chain over the top of the frame, or around the vertical posts. I also threaded a nylon strap thru the tube on the outer edge of of the platform. The strap has an adjustable buckle on it. I put a 1oz carabiner on the daisy chain so it slides down to the center, and run the strap thru the biner, clip it into its' buckle, and tighten it down. It makes an X or hourglass shape over all the gear, with the biner roughly in the center. This makes it super easy to stack something else with the cylinders, like sleeping pad, fly rod case, waders, mesh bag of wet stuff, etc... Your Luxury Lite pack really is super light, super strong, and super versatile. A seriously great piece of gear for every trip I take. If I could only take ONE thing with me into the woods, it would certainly NOT be the luxury lite pack. BUT if I could take 2 or more things, the first thing I would grab is my pack!!!!!"

Ultralight with a total weight of 1 kilogram [2.2lbs, 35oz]. Popular packs are about twice the weight... the NorthFace Terra50 and the Osprey Atmos weigh 4lbs, the Arc'teryx Altra 65 and the Kelty Yukon weigh 5lbs. We achieve this level of performance by using artisan construction processes and the optimum materials in our Texas shop. USA sourced 7075-T9 aluminum tubing and fabric are purchased in small batches and quality tested before production. Calibrated milling machines are operated by hand, three different sewing machines are setup and tuned for different fabric components. We make batches of four at a time to insure the best quality and to speed up incorporating new features and improvements.

The modular construction means you can configure a PCT thru-hike pack or an urban travel pack that exactly matches your mission. And, if you lose or break some piece.... strap, frame tube, barrel bag,... that part can be replaced fast, in the field, at a low cost. Want to design your own pack?... you can buy just the Frame with Shoulder Straps and Hook Belt and mount any other bag/bags. The bottom shelf will hold a bear canister, chainsaw, baby seat, etc. See the pictures below for examples.

Smell-Block Food Bags
You don't have to hide your bear canister far from your campsite or hang your food from a tree. The multi-layer laminated film has an internal layer of vacuum deposited aluminum that totally blocks food smells (and moisture and liquids). And small scratches don't reach the metal layer. If you keep food fingerprints off the outside, all animals will walk right by and ignore your food stash. If you are using a bear canister, you can put your food into small or large Smell-Block Bags inside the bear canister. Or, when you set up camp, you can put your bear canister inside the big bag and set it inside your tent where it won't get snatched by man or beast. Try it on your back porch... put some cat or dog food inside a Smell-Block Bag and leave it out overnight. Dogs, cats, raccoons, squirrels, mice, birds, and all other critters will ignore it.

Also keeps food fresh for months in your pantry or fridge because the layered plastic also blocks oxygen and moisture. Oreos inside a Smell-Block Bag will still be crispy after a year.

$22 -- Smell-Block Ziplock Food Bags. A set of 5: one big 20x24" bags that will hold any bear canister inside, or most small backpacks, and four 8x10" bags for food storage inside your pack or bear canister. The big bag weighs 1.5 ounces, the little bag weighs 0.5 ounces. Shipping included.

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