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Click for the MyLifeOutdoors YouTube video of Steven's testing of the PillBottle Stove - with over a million views.

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$38 - PillBottle Two-Burner Stove
Free shipping for USA addresses.
$69 - A Pair of PillBottle Two-Burner Stoves, double your fun!
Free shipping for USA addresses.
$13.50 - International Address Postage for one PillBottle Stove.

$79 - PaintCan Stove
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The 6 Stones are charged up ready to cook.
$24.50 - International Address Postage for one PaintCan Stove.

$84 - Koozy Kitchen Kit
Free shipping for USA addresses.

Includes a LongReach Lighter and the 4 Tablets inside the PillBottle Stove are charged up ready to cook the two pots.
$22.50 - International Address Postage for one Koozy Kitchen Kit.

The PillBottle Two-Burner
Multi-Fuel Stove

...drop your pack, in 6-7 minutes you have 24oz hot water.

...heat a tea kettle at home or soda can in camp.

...windscreen grips the pot, 5 minutes or 3 minutes?

parts fit in the pill bottle, aluminum pots cook fast.

yummy marshmallows, carryon - will burn hand sanitizer.

1) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot
2) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot Faster
3) PillBottle Stove Video - Monster Flames
4) PillBottle Stove Video - No More Fire
5) PillBottle Stove Video - Hands On Cooking
6) Canister Stove Video - Forest Flame Thrower
7) PillBottle Stove Video - Roast Marshmallows
8) PillBottle Stove Video - Light My Fire
9) PillBottle Stove Video - Tea Time
10) PillBottle Stove Video - 12 oz 5 Minute Boil

You have your favorite camp stove in your backpack, right? Add the 4 ounce PillBottle Stove and you will have more fun camping. It's a two-burner multi-fuel alcohol stove. You can cook fast, or simmer. It's the first next-generation backpacking stove...super simple: four Tablets soak up and burn your fuel and can be recharged for the rest of your life and never degrade in storage.

Here's the operating instructions:
1) Fill pill bottle with fuel,
~2 min ~ fill again
~2 min ~ fill again
~click the lid shut.
2) Take a hike....
3) Cook: Stack 2 Tablets, set pot on top, light.
4) Hot flames for 15 minutes.
5) Blow out the flames like a birthday cake.
6) Cool to pick up in 30 seconds, put back in the pill bottle to repeat Step 1.

Takes less room in your pack than any other stove. Faster and easier than an Esbit or sodacan alcohol stove. You have the hot water for four servings of freezedried meals 6 minutes after you pull the PillBottle out of your pack. Cooks two pots at the same time or put two Stacks under one pot for even faster cooking. Or use a single Tablet to simmer that pot. Efficient: eight ounces of denatured alcohol will cook for 2 people for 5 days of 2 hot meals + 2 hot coffee. The PillBottle Stove has no failure modes, no maintenance chores.

Multi-fuel: you can safely use laquer thinner, turpentine, gasoline, E85, kerosene, Right Guard Sport, hand sanitzer, acetone, and more. Can't spill or leak- so you can put it in your carryon luggage with your bottle of 'hand sanitzer'.

When your crew will be cooking big fancy meals, you need your powerful canister stoves. But also pack a couple of PillBottle Stoves so the camper who wants a cup of special tea can make her own in five minutes, or the guy with allergies can prep the freeze dried entree he brought. Go to YouTube... search: Pillbottle Stove. Watch the videos to discover the versatility.

To go super ultralight: pack a pair of 500ml aluminum mugs with the PillBottle Stove for a total kitchen weight of 12oz. In 5 minutes you have the hot water to prep food or coffee for four people. Then you can repeat... because the two Tablets hold enough fuel to do it again. Easy to blow out the flames and cool to pick up 30 seconds later and put back into the pill bottle to recharge.

Yes, a canister stove is faster... under a one quart pot (total weight 20oz) it heats the 24oz of water in 3 minutes. But that stove+pot weighs 1/2 pound more in your pack. So, what's more important to you... 2 minutes less or 8 ounces less?

Gear reliability in the wild is important, and no stove+fuel weighs less or is more reliable than the PillBottle Stove. It has no valves, no assembly, no warmup, no stink, no soot, no leaky seams, can't spill, can't corrode, can't plugup, can't get crushed, and boilovers don't snuff the flames. If you want more detailed technical information visit www.neotrekk.com. Free 30 day return.

PaintCan Stove
Triple-Burner / Multi-Fuel

It all fits inside the paintcan

Carry 12 ounces of fuel in the paint can.

Can your stove cook three pots at the same time?

Stack two Stones for fast cooking.

Use one Stone to simmer

The PaintCan Stove delivers big cooking power. Over the past two years our PillBottle Stove customers have said that they would like a version that could be used to cook BIG pots for hunting camps and Boy Scout outings. We finished our testing and we are now selling the PaintCan Stove. Inside the pint plastic paintcan are four BigStones and two LittleStones. No other camp stove comes close to the amount of hot food this stove delivers per ounce of pack weight. And no other stove approaches its reliability... there is nothing that can fail... no control valve, no brackets, no rivets, no valves, no gaskets or o-rings to leak, nothing under pressure, not affected by altitude or temperature, can't tip over, no empty canisters to carry home, and it burns any flammable liquid. (Use ethyl alcohol for zero soot.)

The PaintCan Stove cooks faster than your canister stove. Put a stack of 2 BigStones under a quart pot with a liter of water and you will see it boiling in 6 minutes, with the flames lasting for over 30 minutes.

The PaintCan Stove full of ethyl alcohol will deliver more hot food faster than any other stove. We designed our tiny PillBottle Stove to meet the needs of the solo ultralight backpacker. Big groups usually carry a Pocket Rocket canister stove, but it will cook only one pot at a time. The PaintCan Stove will cook (at the same time!) TWO big pots AND one small pot. You can simmer a pot or frying pan using one Stone underneath or heat a pot full of water fast by stacking two Stones.

The plastic paintcan will not leak so pack it up and take it anywhere. It holds a total of 12 ounces of alochol so you can cook two hot meals and 2 coffees each day for 3 campers for 5 days. That is 60 hot servings. Or, boil 10 liters of water to cook 5lbs of crawdads on the beach! You can safely use the PaintCan Stove anywhere... on the trail, or in your RV, or in a frying pan on top of your kitchen stove when a tornado or big freeze shuts off the power. Simple to use... set the Stones on one of the included fiberglass ground patches, set your pot on top and light your fire. There is no liquid to spill and cause a fire. The BigStones are 3.25" across so your big pot will be stable... you can put both stacks of two Stones in two places under a huge pot for faster heating and max stability.

Inside the one-pint plastic paint can are four rechargeable BigStones with 4 ground patches and two rechargeable LittleStones with 2 ground patches, and a windscreen. (We also include a quarter coin- the best way to pop off the the paintcan lid.) You can cook 3 (three!) pots at the same time. (One BigStone holds the same amount of fuel as the four Tablets in the PillBottle Stove.) The two LittleStones are ideal under cups and mugs, and the BigStones provide a stable base for big pots and frying pans. The titanium windscreen wraps around the bottom of the pot to block the wind.

The leakproof plastic paintcan will hold 12oz fuel in the six saturated Stones plus liquid when filled to the top. A BigStone will absorb about 1.4 ounces of fuel that will flame for 20 minutes or more, and will recharge itself in 10 minutes, so you can have a continuous big flame for over 2 hours with the fuel that the paintcan holds (toast LOTS of marshmallows). You can use almost any flammable liquid to charge up the Stones. (...please read the Tech Data Sheet for all the technical data on fuels.) The plastic paint can has a double seal so it does not leak even if banged around in the saddle bag on a Harley, or in your airline luggage. You can put the PaintCan Stove in your bugout bag or trunk of your car and it will be full of fuel years later, ready to heat up your emergency food.

Koozy Kitchen Kit
Recipe for Ultralight 1 pound Koozy Kitchen Kit: Start with the ultimate in ultralight stoves - the PillBottle Two-Burner Stove. Add the ultimate in ultralight food - the freezedried entree bag. Put the PillBottle Stove inside an insulated quart bottle along with a big windscreen, sporks, a lighter, and fuel flask. The quart bottle fits perfectly inside two 18oz stainless steel mugs. No carry bag needed. Fill the fuel flask and pill bottles with alcohol and put it in your pack.

We optimized the design for prepping and eating freezedried food packs and wet or dry bagged or canned foods like MREs, Compleats, or home-made. But you can cook any food. Whether you are backpacking on local trails or doing the PCT, you will have more fun cooking with this ULTRALIGHT and RELIABLE and SIMPLE camp kitchen. No mess, no cleanup -- fast food in the wild.

* 1.5lb with 7 days of fuel.
* includes the PillBottle Stove.
* room inside for second PillBottle Stove.
* lowest fuel use: 4oz alcohol for 1 person for 5 days making 2 hot meals + 2 hot coffee per day.

* two 18oz SS pots with long folding handles that stay cool.
* heat both pots at the same time with a pair of Tablets under each.
* insulation wrapped plastic jar for holding hot food while you eat.
* includes fuel bottle, wood sporks, lighter, and windscreen.

* the heat-soak-process transfers maximum BTUs into the food bag, none into steam.
* do other things while your food heats.
* produces a hot meal using less of your time and less fuel than any other kit.
* wet entrees like a Hormel Compleats tray will fit into the jar.

* no water gets dumped, no pots to wash.
* no chance of food getting bombed by bird or squirrel droppings.
* food will stay hot for 30 minutes.
* you have 12oz of purified water to make cocoa, etc

Click here to read our suggested ways to use the Koozy Kitchen to reduce pack weight and increase fun.

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$33 - Two Quiet Silk Sleeping Pad Covers - When we expanded our shop we found a big box full of these silk sleeping pad covers that we imported from China six years ago. They are 24x72 inches and weigh 2.3 ounces each. We sell two because the postage is the same as one. If your sleep system is noisy when you move, these will make it quiet. One end has a hole a foot wide to slide your mat or pad inside and you leave the pad inside when you pack up. REI sells one for $85. Free shipping.
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Denis (Red Leader) Hazlewood...

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