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$41.95 - USA PillBottle Stones Stove with FREE 8oz Fuel Flask and Free shipping to USA.
$41.95 - Export PillBottle Stones Stove with FREE 230ml Fuel flask.
+$14.34 postage to International address.
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The PillBottle Stove wins the comparison test.
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$85.95 - USA PaintCan 3-Burner
Stones Stove

Free shipping for USA addresses.
The 6 Stones are charged with 99% ethyl alcohol, ready to cook.
$85.95 - Export PaintCan 3-Burner
Stones Stove

+$24.48 postage to International Address.
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$88.95 - USA Koozy Kitchen Kit
(A PillBottle Stones Stove is inside)

Free shipping for USA addresses.
$88.95 - Export Koozy Kitchen Kit
(A PillBottle Stones Stove is inside)

+24.48 Postage to International Address.
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$28.95 -- USA BigPot~WindyDay StoveStand & WindScreen - Free Shipping
$28.95 -- Export BigPot~WindyDay StoveStand & WindScreen. + $14.34 shipping.
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$2.00 - Add-on Item for Customizing

PillBottle 2-Burner Stones Stove
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6 minutes = 24oz hot water.... no stand needed.

All parts fit in pill bottle ..... Roast tasty marshmallows....

The windscreen grips pot ..... Week's cooking weighs 10oz.

Use a stand with BIG pots ..... Special: Free fuel flask.

1) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot
2) PillBottle Stove Video - Cook a Big Pot Faster
3) PillBottle Stove Video - Monster Flames
4) PillBottle Stove Video - No More Fire
5) PillBottle Stove Video - Hands On Cooking
6) Canister Stove Video - Forest Flame Thrower
7) PillBottle Stove Video - Toast Marshmallows
8) PillBottle Stove Video - Light My Fire
9) PillBottle Stove Video - Tea Time
10) PillBottle Stove Video - 12 oz 5 Minute Boil

Spring Break Special -- We include a FREE 8oz fuel flask.
The PillBottle Stones Stove makes fire a new way... aborbent stone tablets soak up alcohol inside the pill bottle and you stack two Stones, set your pot on top and light. SAFE - no measuring, no priming, no warmup time, no liquid, no spills. Blows out easily like birthday candles.

The PillBottle Stones Stove is smaller in your pack than a sodacan alcohol stove. It weighs only 2.3 ounces dry. The plastic pillbottle is 2" diameter and 2 3/4" tall with the pop-top on a hinge so you can't lose it. You can hold in one hand the PillBottle Stones Stove and the 8oz fuel flask that will cook for two campers for a weekend hike.

Think about this scene--- step into your campsite, set your pack down and 6 minutes later you have two 12oz cups of HOT coffee... because it's a two burner stove with no assembly, no valve, no setup, no priming, no fuel measuring, no warmup. There is no stink, no soot, no leaky seams, can't spill, can't corrode, can't plug up, can't get crushed. And boilover water will not snuff out the flames like it does with traditional alcohol stoves. The free tall windscreen is long enough to wrap around two 18oz cups sitting on the two stacks of two Stones.

Inside the pop-top pill bottle is a titanium windscreen the wraps around your pot sitting on top of the Stones. This delivers faster cooking. Also included are two fiberglass ground patches for underneath the Stones (so no fuel will seep out into the dirt or the table). You can set an 18oz (half liter) pot right on top of a stack of two Stones, then light it... not one gram of fuel is wasted and no stand is needed. The flames come out only on the sides of the two Stones, that delivers the most efficient transfer of heat into your pot. We also sell our "Big Pot~Windy Day Kit" if you will be cooking with large pots. For lots more information, when you have time, read these:

>>>Download PillBottle Stove Brochure

>>>Download PillBottle Stove Data Sheet

The PillBottle Stove has 4 Stones that make two burners so you can cook two pots at the same time and deliver your hot water as fast as the one pot on a canister stove. Or you can use just one Stone to do a slow simmer. Or light all four Stones to cook a big pot fast. Reliable: the PillBottle Stove has no failure modes... no valves, no gaskets, no o-rings, no pressure, and no liquid to spill. Travelling?... you can put the PillBottle Stove in your carryon luggage and carry alcohol fuel in your hand sanitizer bottle.

The PillBottle fits into the smallest sidepocket on your pack and weighs only 4 ounces fully charged up with fuel that will cook two meals. Doing bushcraft?... you can soak the Stones in any flammable liquid from gasoline to nail polish remover and you will get a hot fire. The Stones never degrade or wear out. Recharging takes only 6 minutes after you pour alcohol into the pill bottle. Don't wait, add the PillBottle Stones Stove to your gearset.

PaintCan Stones Stove
Triple-Burner / Multi-Fuel

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Big cooking power for big pots

All parts plus 12 ounces of fuel fit into the paint can.

Can your stove cook 3 pots at the same time?

Stack 2 Stones = fast cooking, 1 Stone simmers

The PaintCan Stones Stove delivers big cooking power - great for family groups or Scout campouts. Inside the pint plastic paintcan are four BigStones and two SmallStones. No other camp stove can match the amount of hot food this stove delivers per ounce of pack weight. Total weight is 650gm (23oz) when full of 12oz of fuel and the 6 Stones are fully charged. That will cook 2 hot meals + 2 coffees per day for 3 campers for 5 days - that is 60 servings of hot food! Or, heat the 10 liters of water for a 5lb crawfish boil.

And no other stove approaches its reliability... there is nothing that can fail... no control valve, no brackets, no rivets, no valves, no gaskets or o-rings to leak, nothing under pressure, not affected by altitude or temperature, can't tip over, no empty canisters to carry home, and it burns any flammable liquid. (Ethyl alcohol is best - zero soot, high BTUs)

The PaintCan Stove cooks fast. Stack 2 BigStones under a quart pot with a liter of water and you will see it boiling in 6 minutes, with the flames lasting for over 30 minutes if you will be cooking a second course.

The PaintCan Stove will deliver more hot food faster than any other backpacking stove -- it's got THREE burners!

The plastic paintcan will not leak, so pack it up and take it anywhere. You can safely use the PaintCan Stove anywhere... on the trail in your tent, or in your RV, or in a frying pan on top of your kitchen stove when a tornado or big freeze shuts off the power at your house.

Simple to use... set the Stones on one of the fiberglass ground patches, set your pot on top and light your fire. There is no liquid to spill and cause a fire. The BigStones are 3.25" across so your big pot will be stable... you can put both stacks of two Stones in two places under a huge pot for faster heating and max stability.

Inside the one-pint plastic paint can are four rechargeable BigStones with 4 ground patches and two rechargeable SmallStones with 2 ground patches, and a windscreen. (We also include a US 25cent coin- the best way to pop off a the paintcan lid.) The titanium windscreen wraps around the bottom of your pot to block the wind.

You can use almost any flammable liquid to charge up the Stones. (...please download the PillBottle Stove Instruction Sheet for all the technical data on fuels.) The plastic paint can has a double seal so it does not leak even if banged around in the saddle bag on a Harley, or in your airline luggage, or at high altitues. You can put the PaintCan Stove in your bugout bag or trunk of your car and it will be full of fuel years later, ready to heat up your emergency food.

Koozy Kitchen Kit
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Inside the 1 pound Koozy Kitchen Kit you will find the ultimate in ultralight stoves - the PillBottle Two-Burner Stones Stove that fits inside the insulated quart bottle along with a big tall windscreen, two sporks, a lighter, and a fuel flask. The plastic quart bottle is wrapped with an insulating layer and nests perfectly inside the two 18oz stainless steel mugs. No carry bag needed. Fill the fuel flask and PillBottle Stove with alcohol, store it anywhere in your pack and you are ready to go. Nothing can get crushed.

We optimized the design for prepping and eating freezedried food packs, wet or dry bagged foods like MREs, Compleats, home-made food bags, or canned food.

You can cook any food - you have two pots and two burners. Whether you are backpacking on local trails or doing the PCT, you will have more fun cooking with this ULTRALIGHT and RELIABLE and SIMPLE camp kitchen. No mess, no cleanup -- fast food in the wild.

* 1.5lb with 7 days of fuel.
* includes the PillBottle Stove.
* room inside for second PillBottle Stove.
* lowest fuel use: 4oz alcohol for 1 person for 5 days making 2 hot meals + 2 hot coffee per day.

* two 18oz SS pots with long folding handles that stay cool.
* heat both pots at the same time with a stack of two Stones under each.
* insulation wrapped plastic jar for holding hot food inside while you eat.
* includes fuel bottle, wood sporks, lighter, and windscreen.

* the heat-soak-process transfers maximum BTUs into the food bag, none into steam.
* do other things while your food heats.
* produces a hot meal using less of your time and less fuel than any other kit.
* wet entrees like a Hormel Compleats tray will fit into the jar.

* no water gets dumped, no pots to wash.
* no chance of food getting bombed by bird or squirrel droppings.
* food will stay hot for 30 minutes.
* you have 12oz of purified water to make cocoa, etc

Click here to download ways to use the Koozy Kitchen to reduce pack weight and increase fun.

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Big Pot~Windy Day Kit

The Folding Stand holds a big pot stable over a stack of two Stones at the right height for fastest cooking using the least fuel. You can use 1,2,3,or 4 Stones. If the wind is bad, this tall folding screen can be used instead of the titanium windscreen that comes with the PillBottle Stove. (Or you can use both.) The tall windscreen is long enough to encircle two pots for fast cooking. The bottom of the folding pot stand has an insulating panel so no hot metal touches leaves or grass. [Also, the Big Stones in the PaintCan Stove will fit into this Pot Stand.]

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